Soy Peptones

Your Go-To Soy Peptones for Cell Nutrition

Nu-Tek’s soy peptones are ideal for use as a low endotoxin ingredient and are filterable at high concentrations, making them a strong alternative to lactalbumin hydrolysates or casein peptones for applications including culture media of E. coli and mammalian cell culture. Our hydrolyzed soy proteins are made registration ready to fit the unique specifications and certifications of your pharmaceutical project.

  • Non-GMO

  • Registration ready

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  • Kosher and HALAL

Unlock Your Biologic with Animal-Free Cell Culture Supplements

Soy peptones from Nu-Tek provide regulatory advantages that animal-derived ingredients cannot, such as having zero risk of contamination from human or animal diseases during the fermentation process. Against the market, Nu-Tek’s soy peptones have proven to be ideal culture media of E. coli and B. subtilis culture and have also shown to increase growth rates and lactic acid production of L. Rhamnosus and L. Acidophiles in cell cultures.

Product List

Soy Peptone HSP-A

This soy peptone powder is proven to improve growth rates and yields, and is recommended for use in fermentation nutrient systems as well as in cell and tissue culture media. HSP-A is especially effective in improving yields of the probiotic microorganisms L. acidophilus and Bifidibacterium.

Soy Peptone HSP-A-10KF

Ultra-filtered soy peptone for use as a low bio, low endotoxin ingredient with improved filterability. This product is brilliantly clear in solution and can be used in fermentation and advanced cell culture media. As an enzymatically hydrolyzed soy protein powder refined to remove impurities, it is an excellent candidate in pharmaceutical applications.

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