Custom Manufacturing

Cell culture media supplements tailored to your needs

At Nu-Tek Biosciences, we understand that every drug development project is unique. We act as an extension of your team to learn about your project’s specifications and provide custom solutions around your needs. All of Nu-Tek’s cell culture media supplements are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility for full traceability and reliable performance.

As a completely plant-based facility, we do not need to forecast around the regulations of animal products and can provide shortened manufacturing lead times. Our team offers flexible sizes for all of our peptones and yeast extracts, and can manufacture to exacting specifications of existing commercial products for registration ready use.

Case Studies

Custom Coloring of Pea Peptones

Sometimes, a biologic development program’s needs will go beyond the details in a peptone product sheet. Nu-Tek works with clients to get every aspect of our product right so we can help bring your advanced therapy to life. One of our pharmaceutical clients received a test kit of our pea peptones, but they needed an unusual modification: the color of the peptones had to be darker. “Browning,” or darkening the peptone color, is a process referred to as Maillard Browning and it takes place at the stage of manufacturing where peptones are heated and spray dried. Nu-Tek accommodated our client’s request by optimizing the browning stage to create a darker version of our pea peptones. Ultimately, the darker pea peptones performed better for our client, and we have worked with them on multiple projects that required custom color specifications.

Yeast Extracts for Mammalian Cells

Nu-Tek’s FP100 yeast extract is currently the only viable alternative to yeastolate for mammalian cell cultures on the market. Today, it provides tremendous value to all of our customers, but the FP100 actually originated through close collaboration with one of our major pharmaceutical clients.

Nu-Tek was approached by a customer who needed a yeastolate alternative which could be used for mammalian cell cultures. We made an alternative to the yeastolate they were using which showed improved lactate profiles and increased viable cell density — all are signs of better cell health. By providing healthier cells to our clients, Nu-Tek helped create better drug product yields. No matter the project, our team will work with you to find the optimal solution — even if it means making an entirely unique product from scratch.

Yeast Extracts for Insect Cells

Nu-Tek provides pharmaceutical manufacturers and supply houses around the world with NTB3–UF, our high-quality, consistently performing alternative to ultrafiltered yeastolate for insect cell culture. This yeast extract originated when we were approached by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer that needed a plant based alternative to a pre-existing yeastolate on the market. Our team performed blend studies to support the reproducibility from lot to lot of the existing material. Ultimately, we produced an alternative with a reduction in doubling time and better overall performance. 

Leveraging our Network for Lactalbumin Hydrolysates

As an industry leader in peptone and culture media manufacturing, Nu-Tek has developed a robust network across the country. When clients have specific needs outside of plant based media supplements, we are able to leverage this network to provide animal-based peptones made at a different site, but with all of the same quality and efficiency as products made at our Minnesota facility. 

A Nu-Tek customer once had trouble sourcing lactalbumin hydrolysates consistently, posing a supply chain risk for their high priority material. While manufacturing lactalbumin hydrolysates at Nu-Tek’s facility would compromise our animal-free status, our team was able to produce a one-to-one alternative lactalbumin hydrolysate at one of our peer’s facilities. Now, Nu-Tek offers two proprietary blends of casein products to help our customers purchase all of their peptone needs from one vendor.

Want to try Nu-Tek’s cell culture media supplements?

We offer samples of our yeast extracts and soy, pea, and wheat peptones in kits of up to 150 grams.