Discover Plant-Based Manufacturing

Our extensive manufacturing experience has culminated in the development of proprietary methodologies, positioning us as the preferred choice for bespoke manufacturing solutions for our pharmaceutical clients.

Our proficiency spans the following capabilities:


Nu-Tek excels in the hydration of powdery substrates, offering versatility in packaging sizes such as bags, boxes, and totes. This system adeptly accommodates the incorporation of liquid constituents.


Central to our capabilities is a 20,000-gallon silo housing materials following the liquefaction stage. The insulated silo is optimized for homogenous mixing and temperature maintenance during the hydrolysis process.

Thermal Treatment

Our facility boasts multiple heat treatment zones. The initial stage, situated post-hydrolysis, permits temperature adjustments with the option for recirculation. Subsequently, an ultra-high-temperature treatment, surpassing 200°F, precedes the evaporator. The final heat treatment, occurring prior to drying, adheres to standard temperature ranges of 165-180°F with a 15-second retention time.


Our two-stage filtration unit demonstrates adaptability, accommodating membranes spanning ultra-filtered to micro-filtered pore sizes as dictated by material requisites.


Our spray dryer facilitates the evaporation of up to 2,500 pounds of water per hour. With a primary cyclone ensuring efficiency above 95%, and an optional fluid bed for controlled product agglomeration, it caters to diverse processing needs.

Dedicated Animal-Free

A commitment to animal-free materials underscores our every move. Thorough examination of incoming materials ensures that only items verified to be devoid of animal components gain entry to our facility.

Forward-Compatible Capacity

The Nu-Tek facility is designed to accommodate industry growth and capacity demands over the coming decades.

At Nu-Tek BioScience, our operational landscape embodies the synergy of innovative methodologies and resolute dedication, fostering excellence in manufacturing. Collaborate with us to embark on a scientific expedition where cutting-edge capabilities converge with unwavering commitment to redefine manufacturing paradigms.

Want to try Nu-Tek’s cell culture media supplements?

 We offer samples of our yeast extracts and soy, pea, and wheat peptones in kits of up to 150 grams.