Nu-Tek Biosciences, LLC Announces Major Expansions to its Manufacturing Capabilities

March 1, 2021

Minnetonka, Mn., Nu-Tek Biosciences, LLC is making major expansions to its ingredient manufacturing capabilities with the establishment of a joint venture with Specialty Products & Technology, Inc. The venture will focus on production of technical ingredients for the pharmaceutical and food industries and will enable Nu-Tek Bioscience to meet growing customer demand for its animal-free peptones and yeast products.

The venture, named Great Northern Ingredient Technology, LLC, will provide Nu-Tek Bioscience and Specialty Products a long-term relationship to manufacture and market technical ingredients to meet the demands of current and future needs.

“The expansion will provide additional capacity to meet the growing demand for peptones and yeast extracts used in the cell and tissue culture media market. Nu-Tek Biosciences is committed to its customers and meeting their expanding needs.” — Thomas Yezzi, CEO, Nu-Tek Bioscience

Nu-Tek Biosciences will continue to pursue additional manufacturing capacity as they focus on becoming the global leader in animal-free peptone products for the pharmaceutical industry.  Additional capacity will add redundancy and supply security to vital materials needed in manufacturing.  Nu-Tek is always adding new innovative technical products to its’ pipeline for use by the pharmaceutical and food industries.