Nu-Tek BioSciences Completes Certifications & Qualifications of Dedicated Animal-Free Peptone and Hydrolysates Manufacturing Facility to Serve Growing Supply Chain Demand

January 30, 2024


MINNETONKA, MN, January 30, 2024Nu-Tek BioSciences, LLC is an innovative manufacturer of critical raw materials used in cell culture media for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Nu-Tek has secured ISO 9001:2015, HALAL, Kosher, & Organic certifications and has successfully completed customer qualifications for this new facility. Nu-Tek has released a virtual tour of its new manufacturing facility in Austin, Minnesota. This is the first dedicated, animal-free peptone, and protein hydrolysate manufacturing facility in the U.S. This U.S. owned peptone manufacturing plant is helping meet the growing demand for materials used to manufacture biologics.

In a recent interview, Nu-Tek BioSciences’ CEO, Thomas Yezzi shared how the company is differentiating itself and supporting the future of pharma. “Our products are generally customer driven. The customization work that we do is very important, since many times a customer might have done some manipulation to their strain that changes the way it metabolizes the cell culture media, and so the media needs to change accordingly.  Additionally, we have a brand new, fit-for-purpose facility. We utilized the latest technology from a design and engineering standpoint, to really improve quality, performance, and consistency. The available capacity of this new facility really makes us very attractive to customers, with shorter lead times and more flexible inventories.”

Nu-Tek BioSciences’ technology platform was developed to meet the growing demand for animal-free cell culture media components in the biopharma industry. The new facility comes after many supply chain shortcomings were exposed by the COVID-19 crisis. This investment provides pharmaceutical companies with solutions to mitigate supply chain risk, both current and future, with a long-term sustainable asset.

About Nu-Tek BioSciences

For more than fifteen years, Nu-Tek BioSciences has been developing and manufacturing peptones and protein hydrolysates for industry leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our portfolio of products is used in a variety of applications ranging from mammalian cell culture to industrial fermentation. They are also used in the manufacture of allergen-free probiotics and other high-value nutritional products. As a solutions-based manufacturer, Nu-Tek delivers superior customer service and is the go-to option for custom manufacturing.


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